Imperva - お客さまのビジネスの原動力となるデータを、盗難および内部の特権ユーザによる悪用、不正行為から保護します Blog|サインイン


マスキングおよび暗号化ソリューションによって、機密データが判読できないよう変換され、データの整合性と機密性が保証されます。Imperva SecureSphereがデータ・マスキングおよび暗号化製品と統合されることで、組織は、処理中および処理済みのデータベース・データを監視、監査および保護できます。


Informatica is the world's top independent provider of data integration software and services. Informatica Data Masking products are highly scalable, high-performance data masking software. Informatica Data Masking products dynamically mask sensitive production data from unauthorized access and permanently and irreversibly mask nonproduction data. With this software, your IT organization can comply with data privacy regulations and organization-wide data privacy mandates and can reduce the risk of a data breach.

Imperva SecureSphere Database Activity Monitoring combined with Informatica's Data Masking enables customers to proactively prevent data leakage and comply with ever growing privacy regulations quickly and transparently.

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Vormetric is the leader in centrally-managed, high performance encryption for enterprise systems.Vormetric delivers strong yet transparent data security for any file, database or application in distributed, virtual and cloud environments. Vormetric simplifies key management and encryption for top names in financial services, retail, manufacturing, healthcare, outsourcing and the US Government, including seven of the Fortune 20.

Vormetric and Imperva help enterprises achieve strong defense-in-depth for mission critical databases. When deployed together, Vormetric and Imperva solutions can encrypt, control access, and monitor database activity with minimal integration effort. Enterprises that deploy the joint solution gain greater security for databases while maintaining a low TCO.

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